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One of the pillars on which our concept is based is the niche of holidaying in a unique natural location. For example, the cult guidebook Lonely Planet has dedicated a separate edition to just this area: Sustainable Escapes. We are talking about eco-lodges, resorts and glamping in enchanting locations that offer an “eco-conscious” approach to travelling and life.

Our centre will be built on a cliff with direct access to two uncompromisingly beautiful beaches. Guests will have 4 beaches of varying lengths within walking distance. The views on the ridge, particularly from the centre’s restaurant, will offer an almost 360-degree view of the sea. Absolutely every lodge will have a 100 per cent frontal view of the water.

The beaches are literally snow-white, the water is a real underwater aquarium with a preserved coral reef. At the same time there is a natural entrance to the water and a sheltered cove that allows you to swim at any time of day without the many kilometres of low tide, surfing waves, seaweed and coral right off the shore. It is a kind and bathable beach for people of different ages and different relationships with the water, not just a pretty picture (like many islands in Indonesia). The place is literally made up of full-fledged “instagrammable” locations. Both on the beaches, cliffs and ridges, and underwater, which we in turn will complement with man-made accents – swings, benches, a pool on the cliff, underwater statues.

Important Details:

  • Full year-round season.
  • Daily direct flights from Bali (1 hour) and a good drive from the airport to the centre (1.2 hours).
  • From December to March, you’ll catch the spectacular Emerald Season, when everything is drenched in greenery. The rains during this period are pleasantly cooling and far from regular. In summer, you’ll enjoy the Golden Season, which guarantees clear skies without a single drop of rain for months on end and plenty of revitalising sea breezes.
  • The annual blue whale migration right in front of land.
  • A vibrant pet coral reef.
  • A view of a huge volcano that stands right in the water.
  • At the time of writing (summer 2023) there are no neighbours in the area. But even with the arrival of various hotels and projects in the immediate vicinity, the size of the land (3.5 hectares) and the good location (a huge cliff overlooking the beaches) will allow us to maintain privacy and develop a separate atmosphere of the special peace and solitude that good eco-lodges and retreat centres are known for.

Photo Story

All photos below are taken on the ground or in close (mostly walking) proximity. From different angles and in different seasons. Important! This photo selection reflects the possibilities of the place only from the perspective of an eco-lodge in a unique natural location. Other destinations that we will also use (retreat centre, freediving station, expeditions and cruises) are discussed on the following pages. Here we want to emphasise only the possibilities of the location itself.

Video Story


Three pillars

Our concept is based on three pillars, each of which is ready to meet the challenges of the time. We look at each of the pillars in detail in the links below.

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