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Another impressive niche by world standards that will define us is adventure tourism/expeditions/cruises.

The land is not just located in a beautiful place. It sits on the border of the world famous Komodo National Park. The distance to the park can be travelled in just one hour by speedboat, which opens the door to daily excursions into the protected areas. And this in turn is an opportunity to swim with flocks of huge mantas (almost daily, all year round!), to visit unique pink beaches (the colour is determined by red corals, which are abundant in these places), to see endemics – Komodo dragons (giant lizards), to climb up to fairy sightseeing platforms and make unique photos (again, “Instagramble”, which in our times is not the last moment), to see preserved coloured coral gardens. Today, Komodo expeditions are the number two destination after Bali for all of Indonesia. And a highly sought-after destination. The opportunity to see these beauties by driving directly from our centre is a significant advantage. And a separate direction for the development of the location itself. 

But in our case, everything is not limited to Komodo opportunities. Swimming with whale sharks is another landmark destination that we will offer. Just a couple of years ago, a permanent whale shark park was opened in Sumbawa (completely safe creatures), where they can be observed in natural conditions. This is an opportunity to swim with them and have a truly unforgettable experience. 

This excursion is organised from our centre with one overnight stay and is well connected to Bima airport, where flights to Bali depart from.

The next location is Sangean Volcano and bubble-reef (excursion from the ground for a few hours).

From the ground you can see the Sangean Volcano and at its foot the so-called bubble-reef, a reef that bubbles very beautifully. You can swim here and take amazing underwater shots. 

Plus Sumbawa has its own deserted pink beach a few kilometres away, where you can go for a couple of hours. 

Besides the beauty of Sumbawa and Komodo, the direction of exotic tourism can be expanded with 1-2-3 day programmes to Bali (all tourists will fly via Bali) and other unique locations in Indonesia (for example, a cruise to Raja Ampat or the Banda Islands).

Important details: 

  • There are National Parks of varying levels of “saturation” of beauty. So, Komodo National Park is an example of maximum concentration. It is known for its “dragons” – large endemic lizards that are found nowhere else in the world (and nowhere else in Indonesia, only on the two islands of Komodo Park). But in person, the far more impressive features of this park are the sightings of giant underwater mantas in the wild, the unique viewpoint of Padar Island, the truly pink beaches, the colourful and preserved coral reefs, and countless deserted white beaches. This is a supremely stunning destination that will surprise even the most seasoned traveller. 
  • The combination of Komodo + Whale Sharks is unique to the Indonesian islands. Today, in most cases, you have to choose between flying to Flores and seeing Komodo or flying to Sumbawa to see whale sharks, in our case of good land location both trips can be combined in one trip. 
  • Our centre will offer a combination of retreat programme and excursion part. Both within the programme and according to the principle: 7 days retreat + 3 days cruise. Or 3 days retreat + 7 days long cruise to remote islands. Reboot (retreat) + vivid impressions of living, vibrating and wild nature (expedition).

Photo Story

All of the photos below are from our trip to Komodo and Sumbawa. Our group was one of the first groups (and possibly the first) to swim with whale sharks after this route on Sumbawa became available to tourists.


Three pillars

Our concept is based on three pillars, each of which is ready to meet the challenges of the time. We look at each of the pillars in detail in the links below.

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