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Retreat Centre

Retreat Centre

The most important area within our concept is the ever-growing niche of quality resetting for the body and nervous system.

Stopping the race, regaining strength, preventing burnout and depressive disorders, reducing general anxiety background and being able to slow down fully. Learning and implementing body practices for daily living.

Not just relaxation, but a deeper release and recovery, when relaxation is achieved not through alcohol and doing nothing, as in a regular hotel, and not through impressions, as in tourism, but through a competent influence on muscles and the entire nervous system in order to release tension, relax and fully switch at the level of all systems to get, among other things, a new vision of one’s current challenges and tasks. It is noteworthy that the iconic travel guide Lonely Planet has dedicated a separate edition to this destination as well – Wellness Escapes. This is an impressive guide to yoga, meditation and fitness centres around the world.

We have been working in this niche for 8 years, regularly organising retreats in different locations. We have been personally organising retreats since 1999 (Michael) and since 2009 (Olesya). During this time we have visited a large number of centres around the world, both as participants and as organisers. Retreats are our profession and deep personal interest.

Our tools: yoga, meditation, freediving, underwater meditation (one of the directions of freediving), digital detox, silence, body practices (massage), contemplation of nature, kind atmosphere and a team of like-minded people.

Our accents: depth of tradition, connection with modern scientific vision (without esoteric noise), selection of load in accordance with the psychotype of each client and his current state, jewellery selection of practices and teachers, the power of understanding what you do (the beauty of theory instead of “just do”).

In the modern world, in view of the increased information flow, it is fundamentally important to choose wisely what to learn and from whom. And we take on such a responsibility of selection.

Our goal is that people come to us because “wow-place” and return because “wow-practice”.

The centre will offer different programmes and different levels of exertion to choose from: eat and sleep (recovery and restart), move and live (new wave and new horizons), sit and be silent (revision and transformation).

Important details:

  • The retreat niche is famous for repeat clients and those who come regularly every year (to the same centre).
  • It is a global trend of wellness with its both body and mental health practices. And also the movement towards personal and spiritual development.
  • The development of AI and the rapid change of past patterns that will follow will only increase the need for adequate and proven psycho-techniques that do not conflict with the scientific vision. With each passing year, personal development and strengthening practices will penetrate the masses more and more confidently.
  • Underwater meditation as a separate direction of freediving is the author’s development of Michael Vlasov, which has already proved itself in practice as an effective psychotechnique for returning to a balanced and happy self. It will allow us to differ from other similar centres. And offer a new approach to our own body and consciousness. Plus in this practice there is a lot of live direct joy from connecting with the sea element. The sea has been a famous healer since ancient times and it is not for nothing that it attracts people to it so clearly.

Photo Story

Below is a small photo selection from our programmes over the years and in different countries. We have been organising various retreats of underwater meditation, silence, meditation and yoga since 2015 on a regular basis. We have had people coming to us from literally all over the world, ranging in age from 21 years old to 69 years old (as of now). They are the ones who later became our crowdfunders, supporting the first formation of Ocean Mantra Village.

Video Story


Three pillars

Our concept is based on three pillars, each of which is ready to meet the challenges of the time. We look at each of the pillars in detail in the links below.

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